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Dancing In Your Bubble

Dancing In Your Bubble: Ancient teachings, Modern Healing - Teri J. Dluznieski M.Ed
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Dancing in Your Bubble gives you the benefits of a retreat experience on your own time and space. This book draws on Teri's experiences from working with many clients and students. With this book, you can benefit from the experiences of a healing retreat program. These simple tools will help with every day life. Empower Yourself. Step beyond ideas of powerlessness and sinfulness. Step into your own power and embrace the totality of self through altered perspectives. “Dancing” offers practical applications that promote self knowledge and insight that can be adapted to any world view or spiritual practice. Teri takes us through these simple and practical teachings step by step. Each chapter discovers deeper aspects of these healing tools. Clear language and comprehensive descriptions create a unique approach to self-healing and growth. Each chapter of this personal spiritual workbook is filled with exercises and activities that promote self-discovery.
• Understanding the energy bubble created by our lives and past experiences
• Identifying and re-creating the organizing themes that resonate through our lives
• Taking in refined and nourishing energy and releasing heavy obstructive energies
• Connecting to the power of natural energy sources
• Letting go of guilt and defeating self judgment
• Using myths, dreams and storytelling to create understanding

Behind the Door of Vengeance

Behind the Door of Vengeance - Teri J. Dluznieski
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

The elders teach, that our ancestors walk by our sides all the time. Mostly, they lend the whispered voice of wisdom and support. When those ancestors are not-healed, the whispers bring anger, fear, aggression. Those whispers creep insidiously into the nooks of our lives, changing who we are into something we no longer recognise. We look into the mirror and wonder who we have become. Why did we say this, or do that?

This is the case for Carly, an uneventful twenty-something, who works in an office, plays softball and likes to drink beer with friends. Then she begins to find herself making comments that are out of character. Comments escalate, threatening her friendships and even her job.

Carly feels her hold on Life slipping away. She pulls further away from her friends and can no longer even go into the office to work without emotional incidents. Carly has no idea what is going on, as the world around her is unraveling. Finally, she is pushed to lengths she would never have imagined, which set her on a path she wouldn't have imagined only weeks before.

Message from a Serial Killer

Wallace Christopher: Message from a Serial Killer - RJ Young
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Wallace Christopher is one of America's foremost serial killers. But Christopher is tired. Christopher is tired of the newspapers and network television programs getting it wrong, getting him wrong. In this novella Christopher writes his memoir and the only true account of his origins and just why he has killed so many fathers of America. .


Emerging (Astral Trilogy) - Nicole O'Brien
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

When 16 year old Veronica Lucent's best friend, Skinner, starts to experiment with Astral Projection, she learns quickly that there is a dark side within the Astral Realm and must discover the tools and methods to fight against the demons threatening her friends and herself.

A novella, approximately 21,000 words in length; the first book in The Astral Trilogy.

Frozen Grapes

Frozen Grapes - Episode 1 - Eric Turri
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

For the first time in my life, I am without direction; unemployed and unmotivated, join me as I venture into my quarter-life crisis with sarcastic, witty and slightly offensive commentary about my daily escapades. The first short story in a monthly series, Episode 1 is an 8,000 word tale which recounts a typical Sunday in my newly changed life.

La Luxure

La Luxure: Discover Your Blood Lust (A Human Vampire Novel) - CD Hussey
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Level headed and practical, Julia Brown isn’t normally the kind of woman that runs around believing in vampires. But when she travels to New Orleans for a weeklong work conference and stumbles unwittingly into La Luxure, an underground blood-bar that caters to Human Live Vampires, she begins to question that assumption. After a patron of the bar turns up dead, she quickly becomes convinced the city is filled with actual, supernatural vampires.

And at the center of it all is Luxure's owner, Armand Laroque. A man she shares undeniable chemistry with, but one she can’t decide whether to be frightened of, attracted to, or both.

Warning: La Luxure is Romantica “light”, with explicit language and graphic sex.

Faerie Tales

Faerie Tales: The Misfortune of a Teenage Socialite - Brandi Salazar
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Valerie Williams is an over-privileged, self-professed socialite in a world all her own. Obsessed with clothes, shoes, and shopping she is fixated on all the wrong things.

In an attempt to teach her some valuable life lessons her parents force her to forgo her weekly allowance in favor of working at her mother's firm, Enamel Wear, Inc. where not everything is as it seems.

Struggling to balance both work and school while maintaining a love life, Valerie quickly finds herself caught in an unexpected love triangle and must decide what is most important; material possessions, or love.

The Distant Voices

The Distant Voices (The Voices Saga) - William L Stolley
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Michael Tyler discovers the voice in his head is really an alien trying to make first contact. Once he and his "voice" link, Michael finds out others of his kind exist in pockets around the globe. He sets off to find them, hoping he can convince them to form a group of unique individuals.


Moondreams - Dean Johnson
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Kirah, just home from her freshman year at college, contemplates the strange lamp and the unfamiliar mirror in her bedroom, at least what used to be her bedroom, what used to be her sanctuary. But things are not what they used to be. Even her best friends seem to be different, especially Ramon who suddenly has more than a friendly interest in her.

Fortunately, Kirah’s mother and stepfather make good on their offer of a month at a New Jersey shore beach house in exchange for an appearance on the dean’s list each semester. A little distance from Ramon, parents, “her” bedroom, is just the distraction she needs.

Along with a couple of friends who still appear somewhat normal, Kirah heads down to the shore.

Bryan had been working at the Auto Center for the past year after dropping out of college midway through his sophomore year. While he has grand ideas about his future, his actions do not match his ambitions. Searching for direction, Bryan clings to anything that comes his way, including a girl with two friends in a car with a flat tire.

To Bryan Kirah is everything he needs to be. To Kirah Bryan is the distraction from all the change she is longing for. Through each other they find what they were looking for, only it wasn’t what they thought it was at all.

1066: Apocalyptic Visions

1066: Apocalyptic Visions - Paul Bailey
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

1066 was an eventful year in England’s history. It is remembered for the Battle of Hastings, but so much more happened and could have happened in those twelve months. It saw the coronation and the death of two Kings, and two major battles that would end the Anglo-Saxon era to give rise to the dawn of a new one, the Normans.
This novel begins just before the death of King Edward the Confessor and the naming of his successor continuing with a compelling narrative around the events that followed.

The reactions to the appointment of the new King of England from the other suitors to the Crown continue the story, which then builds up to the three battles in 1066.

The battle scenes portray the lurid violence of 11th Century hand to hand fighting and omit none of the graphical scenes witnessed in that era.

The social and political realities of that time are described amongst the gruesome detail of this turbulent time in British history.

The novel ends with the succession of William the Conqueror to the Throne, but leaves the reader in no doubt that the submission of England is not yet complete.
1066: Apocalyptic Visions is an exciting and interesting work of historical fiction, which is vividly characterised and tensely constructed.

The Pennance List

The Penance List - S C Cunningham
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

CAUTION, not for the faint hearted!

'The Penance List' - the power of sex, the misuse of that power and the ripple-effect carnage.

A shocking, humorous, thriller involving glamorous women, footballers, prostitutes and a beautiful altar boy gone bad.

'A masterful, dark, suspenseful psychological thriller, expertly exploiting the tensions between the erotic and the macabre, wonderful dialogue, the characterization is phenomenal!'

'Intense, hard-hitting forceful narrative that is about as powerful as anything I've seen, writing doesn't get much better than this. This book is hard to ignore, impossible to put down'

'Hannibal Lecter meets Sex and the City meets Basic Instinct, an intoxicating mix, Hollywood beckons!'

What becomes of an altar boy after years of sexual abuse? The reader will see through the eyes of David, as he absolves those responsible of their sins. His preferred form of penance is humiliation, rape and vivisection - dissection for the lucky ones. We follow the fun loving Tara and her girls, who have no idea that they, and their lovers are on a death list.

Children of Steel

Children of Steel - John Van Stry
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Raj is just your average everyday genetically modeled and artificially created anthropomorphic worker for one of the many corporations of the future. Extensively trained and conditioned from birth he's now indentured for the next fifty years of his life; assuming he doesn't die first, or somehow manage to pay off his creation and training debts.

Created by the corporations to deal with the harsh labor shortages of the twenty second century when humans will no longer take on the dangerous jobs Raj finds himself now in the harsh world of space exploration, trading, corporate maneuverings, and sometimes the even more dangerous fanatics that hate Raj and his fellows. No longer in safe confines of the training academies he must learn how to live and deal with both his fellow workers and the humans he encounters and not get saddled with extra bills or fines because he's screwed up or worse yet, get 'put down' because he's lost his temper one time too many.

After all, it's not like he's human...

The Fundamentals of Electronics

The Fundamentals of Electronics (Mathematics and Schematics) - Philip Grabowski
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Electronics fundamentals is a book about the fundamentals of electronics troubleshooting from a students perspective.

The book was created by detailed notes taken by the author while he attended Penn Technical Institute lectures, labs, and classroom studies.

It is a book of electronics which follows the theory of mathematics training for properly troubleshooting electronic circuits.

Book contains hundreds of figures, drawings, and electronic schematics that were computer drawn by hand. Each schematic has mathematical accompaniment.

Se'irim Satyr

Se'irim Satyr (Summer Series) - Philip Grabowski
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Post Modern Gothic Romantic Science Fiction Christian.

The Se'irim Satyr is about a shaggy demon that encounters the Minister of Hospitality.

Taxed To Death

Taxed To Death - Debra Purdy Kong
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Police, lawyers, federal agents, politicians-the stuff of mystery novels. But when money is stolen from individuals and businesses through fraud, who better to find the villains than the number crunchers, and when fraud turns to murder, how does a chartered accountant cope?

TAXED TO DEATH immerses readers in the meticulous world of government tax auditor, Alex Bellamy. Alex-s dreams of adventure become all too real when, during a field audit, he finds evidence of fraud involving someone inside Canada Revenue Agency itself.

Fatal Encryption

Fatal Encryption (Alex Bellamy Mysteries) - Debra Purdy Kong
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Dressed as Kermit the Frog on Halloween night, unemployed Alex Bellamy wonders where his life went wrong. It could be worse. A few miles away, Zachary Ternoway is stabbed at his front door. In need of cash, Alex agrees to help catch a computer prankster at McKinleys’ Department Store. But things turn serious when someone vows to permanently encrypt the store’s data and torch the building unless ten million dollars is handed over in two weeks. Alex knows there’s a connection between the murder and the extortion threat, yet time’s running out. People are questioning his competency, and a killer’s threatening his life.

Debra Purdy Kong reprises her lead character, Alex Bellamy, in her book Fatal Encryption. This book begins with a murder and Alex in a frog costume. Alex takes a job at McKinleys' Department Stores as a system analyst. Someone is threatening to encrypt their system permanently. Alex delights in a challenge, but is he up to this one? Debra Purdy Kong writes with a flair for technology. Fatal Encryption has a timely plot. The thought of Alex in a frog costume brings humor and depth to his character. This is an entertaining read. Mystery readers will love it. -- Debra Gaynor, ReviewYourBook.com

Fatal Encryption is a corporate caper with plenty of twists and turns, and an assortment of appealing characters to keep you guessing. Debra Purdy Kong’s newest novel offers a well-plotted mystery reminiscent of the classic whodunits. A great beach read! -– Cheryl Kaye Tardif, bestselling author

Children of Anthea

Children of Anthea - Frances James
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

This story takes place with journey of the Anthea, the sixth and smallest of the vessels to leave mother earth in search of new planets … A living breathing entity itself, conceived by the collective consciousness on earth, under guidance of the Divine Spirit.

It was host to a multitude of life forms collected from the biodiversity of the earth, including 6 million humans, and a vast array of animals and plants, all working in harmony representing their contribution to life.

Once capable of surviving independent of the life giving energy of the sun, it had set out to inspire the growth of life on a distant star.

During this time, life on the Anthea is suddenly threatened by an unknown disease, or cancer, affecting large parts of the population. While officials fight with the task of finding a solution, a small group of students working on their term project discover a link to the possible result of the disease.

But, will they be able to help find a cure in time to save the population?

Come What May

Come What May - Laura A. Diaz
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

What if I had turned right instead of left?
What if I had said yes instead of no?
Does my life-story have a happy ending?
n life we are faced with a multitude of crossroads and choices. Choices that leave in their path "what-if". What if I had done this instead of that?
What if so-and-so and I had never broken up?
Where would I be now? Who would I be?
Would you have done things differently in your own life if you could have?
Is there really one true love for each of us? How do you know?
Or is that a Disney myth?
If so, why do even the most jaded long for that soul mate to come along?
In "Come What May", this is the dilemma that 62-year-old Cayla Lysander has lived with and wrestled with. This is one woman's story of "what-if" and how she has found resolution.
Or has she?


Ozark Mountains Award Winning FISHING Stories - ROLLAND LOVE
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Here I am again, sittin' on the gravel bar of an Ozark Mountains spring fed river, watching a Red-tailed Hawk soar above a towering limestone bluff. A smallmouth bass is chasing a school of shiner minnows. A ray of sunshine burns though a wisp of fog rising up off the river and the surface of deep blue water shimmers with the color of sparkling gold. Words cannot describe the beauty of the scene before me. If only water could talk about where it has been and what it’s plans are as it flows from the hill country toward the sea.

I do plan to tell some fishing stories shortly from my award winning series but first I want to talk about what it was like growing up in the Ozark Mountains, one of the most rugged and oldest landmasses in the world.

During the summer months I worked for my uncle. He ran a fishing camp upstream from moonshine ridge, a not so well kept secret location where a local man by the name of Harley brewed corn mesh whiskey that he sold for a buck a gallon. He was always in trouble with the taxman and got arrested so many times he lost count. Finally the authorities hired him to make white lightning in Alley Springs State Park as a tourist exhibition. It was a popular exhibit mainly because Harley was a wonderful storyteller. I liked him so much I put his picture on the cover of my book the Blue Hole.

It was those wonderful experiences from my youth that serve as the basis for my Ozark Mountain Short Stories series. Living off the land and enjoying a stress free life was heavely. We didn't have much money but it didn't seem to matter. And there was never a need to take a vacation to unwind and recharge our batteries because we already lived in paradise.

Check out the titles included in the FISHING STORIES series and you'll notice the last one on the menu is called BIG Trouble at the Outhouse “privy." Since i'm out of room here i'll talk more about that later.


TOE TAGS & TNT - Comedy Suspense (Ozark Mountains Stories Series) - ROLLAND LOVE
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description


Inspired by a True Life experience. The adventure starts in Las Vegas and ends at the BASS PRO SHOPS in Springfield, Missouri.

What do a mortuary an ex-con; a Grateful Dead groupie and TNT have to do with Route 66 and BASS FISHING?

Climb aboard the motor home and get ready for a wild and frightening cross country trip with a dying and dangerous, psychotic old man who kidnaps and holds hostage a motley crew. Wired with explosives, he creates a story that is BLOOD CURDLING HILARIOUS.


Ozark Mountains BLUE HOLE Mystery Suspense Novel (Ozark Mountains Stories) - ROLLAND LOVE
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

A full moon. A blazing fire. The sounds of night creatures. Two brothers camped on the banks of an Ozark Mountains river are all alone.... except for what is floating in the Blue Hole only a few feet away from their tent.

Best Bird Dog, Dead Opossum Walking

OZARK MOUNTAINS Short Stories ... Best Bird Dog, Dead Opossum Walking - ROLLAND LOVE
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Award Winning Short Stories based on my experiences growing up in the Ozark Mountains.

Back In The Day

Ozark Mountains Back In The Day Short Story Series - ROLLAND LOVE
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Award Winning Short Stories about a rider in the American Royal Invitational Youth Rodeo in Kansas City and other tales set in the Ozark Mountains.


Ozark Mountains RIVER'S EDGE Mystery Suspense Nove - ROLLAND LOVE
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

RIVER'S EDGE is a (Sequel) to the BLUE HOLE. The TRUTH about how scary stories effects children is posted below.

The story crept out of me when I took my grandson's Nick and Jake on a camping trip.

"Little did I know that we would relive the horror of a murder committed at the Blue Hole fifty years ago, and I would confront kinfolk bitterness buried in the cool streams of my childhood; streams where the same grayish-black snapping turtles continue to bask in the sun on logs near piles of sun-bleached driftwood. Where cottonmouth moccasins slither across the surface of the water, fisherman stalk the illusive smallmouth bass, turkey buzzards soar on thermals above towering limestone bluffs and cold spring water pours from the mouth of caves with the scent of ancient earth.

It all started with the discover of a human leg bone Nick found sticking up out of a gravel bar and it ended with of all things me attending a sermon at my brother Dubs church.

Triple Trap

[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Gun-shot wounds can damage your health.
Two to the body mass, maximum trauma - DOUBLE-TAP
Plus one to the head, destroy the brain, shut down nervous systems, chummy down for good - TRIPLE-TAP
Ex Detective Chief Inspector 'Sandy' Sanderson may have been gored to death by his own guard dogs, but it was still murder. - THE TRAMPS ARE BACK !
The violence of his long distant, murky past has returned with vengeance, threatening seemingly unconnected victims. Players in a history best not told.
For Detective Inspector Andy Wallace, a displaced Scotsman with misplaced humour, there are only two possible suspects;
Edgar Marshall, one-time mercenary and stoical survivor of an Angolan prison-from-hell. Now employed as a Private Security Contractor in Iraq.
Killing his trade.
'Mad' Lennie Lester, retired 1960's East End hard-man gangster, enforcer, torturer, and formerly convicted, unjustly, for the murder of his old boss, Jack 'Handle' Stein.
As the body count rises, dispatched by high-powered sniper rifle, these unlikely allies unite in a race to wreak pay-back-time and to prise free the 'grisly secrets of gruesome old men' from the Fat American.
Secrets to die for.
But a lone shootist, The Last Tramp, is still out there somewhere in the dark dangerous streets of a South London sink estate, programmed to kill them both....


[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

‘A Band Begins To Play’, (acknowledgements to Rudyard Kipling), is a story of an ungodly endeavour born of man to provoke, by mystical means, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to create catastrophe of biblical proportion and fulfil the prophesies of the Book of Revelations-The Rapture,Tribulation, End-Time.The purpose being to herald the birth of a New World Order that conversely will be ruled over by the ‘New Man’,The Anti-Christ.This exercise in evil breeds and rebirths itself like a virus with no antidote; a contagion that seeps with insidious intent through history seeking the ‘Chosen Man’.

Spawned in the caves of Medmenham during the 18C Hellfire Club abominations, the infection poisons the reason of 19C philosophers and academics in which Nietzsche’s ‘Ubermensch’ shall subjugate Liebenfel’s ‘Sodom-Apelings’. Thus the blue-print is drawn for the Thule-Gesellschaft Society, foundation for the NDSAP Nazi party. (Which largely succeeded in concealing its occultist roots)

With the failure of the intentional mass sacrificial slaughter during the two world wars to achieve these aims, a young SS officer is spirited out from a dying Berlin to continue the quest and reform the occult brotherhoods into the Hindenburg Society. His remit, to create a Third World War End-Time. After decades of patient planning and preparation, the new 21C sees increasingly fractious political and religious confrontations. That young officer, now Norbert Faxschmell an octogenarian media mogul, deems that the time is ripe to instigate his Great End Plan.

As ever, the burgeoning imbalance of cosmic positive-negative state produces an opposing force; the life battered brothers Randall, their family long stained by a cruel stigma; Harry, a time-worn fireman tied in to a love-lost marriage. Bradley, a Special Forces soldier who dared but lost, now interred in a military psychiatric unit. Both are prisoners of circumstance, then reluctantly are nominated by fate to become standard bearers for the forces of good in the battle for the true God. Aided by Don Bolger, an enigmatic investigative journalist with his own agenda, and ‘Jimmy’, a 111 years old veteran of the Great War and witness to the Angel of Mons phenomena, they embark on a desperate hunt for, and violent conflict with, the End-Timers and Inner Circle of the Hindenburg Society to thwart their threatened ultimate atrocity, ‘HELLFIRE’.

Simple iOS Troubleshooting

Simple iOS Troubleshooting - JL M
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Learn how to fix the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch's most common technical issues and some tips to get the most out of your device. 


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