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Forgotten Emeralds

Forgotten Emeralds (The Emerald Trilogy) - James Alexander
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

In a world without the benefits of technology, similar in lifestyle to medieval times, three young adults find themselves abandoned and detached from the comforts and security of the life they had known since birth.

A limited knowledge of the world, based on folklore and rumour, along with the skills and trades they had acquired during their varied upbringings, is all they have as they attempt to start a new life outside of the town they had previously inhabited.

Right from the outset they discover that life within the walls of a major town is far less dangerous than the perils that await them outside, and combined with a devious plot to use them as scapegoats in a bid for war and riches, the three best friends have to learn to adapt quickly and find allies in some unlikely sources.

Their journey sends them around the world to uncharted lands where they encounter civilisations, creatures and corruptness only spoken of by bards and travellers inside public houses and around the camp fires.

Fear, justice, survival, politics, skill, greed, treachery, magic, patience, trust, and friendship, all enter the equation as the group desperately try to clear their names, seek revenge, and defuse the threats of war, and all whilst keeping their astounding newly discovered secrets quiet.

Strangers on a Bus

Strangers on a Bus - Robb Logger
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Robb is crushed by a failed relationship with the love of his life and finds himself unexpectedly on a long bus trip from his adopted home in the U.S. back to his native Canada.

At the first stop in NYC, a girl gets on and so begins a contemplation of life, love, and strange events that will bring tears of laughter and heartache streaming down your face.

Is this girl Robb's real true love or just a rebound? How far can they get on a bus ride anyway?

This is a true story.

Special bonus excerpt of Robb's upcoming book is included, Robb and The Bible: Robb Does Genesis.

Do Not Lick The Phones

Do Not Lick The Phones - Britney Bronte
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

The True Confessions of a TV Psychic!

A sparkling romcom based on the true life adventures of Britney Bronte, hapless wannabe celebrity psychic.

Meet Britney, a girl with a pack of cards and almost no ambition, who finds herself jetset to stardom on psychic Television. Will she find fame? Inner meaning? True love?

Crazies and conmen, angels and aliens, predictions and porn, they're all to be found in this whistleblowing romp through the New Age. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll howl... but whatever you do, remember please, DO NOT LICK THE PHONES!

N.B. This book is exactly as fictional as required to keep the author out of court.

The Sweet Sixteenth

The Sweet Sixteenth - Shane Scollins
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Former surf girl, Alison, has survived an impossibly violent past. Now all she wants is a simple life in the rolling hills of Upstate New York.

Instead, she stumbles into millions of dollars, rescues a freakishly smart dog, and falls in love with the perfect man.

All the while one of the most prolific serial killers in history is devolving, and his last mission, is her last chance.

The past she worked so hard to escape, is not done with her yet, and nothing could have prepared her for what comes next. 

Mission Critical - A Cold War Novel

Mission Critical - A Cold War Novel - Jamie Fredric
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

It's the Cold War and Commander Grant Stevens--intelligence officer and Navy SEAL assigned to the black ops division of the Naval Investigative Service--must prevent the USS Bronson, the newest, most sophisticated destroyer in America's arsenal from being hijacked.  Stevens and his friend, Senior Chief Joe Adler, will take on Russian commandos and an old KGB nemesis, while they hunt for and try to flush out a Russian mole, who could be buried deep in the heart of the U.S. Navy itself. 

Warning Order

Warning Order - Jamie Fredric
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Not one to stay within the boundaries of an NIS warning order, Navy SEAL Captain Grant Stevens usually follows his gut instincts. This mission will be no different as he attempts to terminate a plot by East Germans to annihilate Russia's heads of government. Teaming up with Joe Adler and, his long-time friend, KGB Officer Grigori Moshenko, the three will confront murderers and kidnappers from behind the Iron Curtain, as they try to diffuse the deadly plot before the world is thrown into turmoil.

Chaos of War

Chaos of War - A Story of Love and Heartache - Donna Marasco
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Fate has many names: destiny, providence, chance, kismet. It was all of these the day Kelly Moreau met Navy Lieutenant Matt Grant, bringing with it all the love and passion most people only dream about. But soon a war would disrupt their lives, and, along with destiny came chaos, fear and heartache.
Destiny's Forge (Children of The Dragon)

Destiny's Forge (Children of The Dragon) - Theresa M. Moore
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Children of The Dragon book 1. Honor and duty, espionage, murder and revenge, space adventure and vampire romance in the 23rd century. Meet Antonia Bellero, a stranger from another planet. Her origin: a mystery. Her mission: unknown. Through a quirky twist of fortune she winds up serving on the military starship Destiny's Forge as the crew is haunted by murder and sabotage; while an illegal experiment goes awry in an isolated area of space. Antonia is caught in the middle of the action, and finds her fate changed by destiny when an ancient war pits brother against brother, and only she can change the outcome.

The Children of The Dragon series of SF/vampire books is the epic chronicle of the Xosan, living vampires from the planet Antellus who were once human but were transformed by a dragon's blood. They are stories of science fiction, fact and fantasy, myth and history, tragedy and triumph; linked together by the theme of the vampire as hero.
The Queen's Marksman (Children of The Dragon)

The Queen's Marksman (Children of The Dragon) - Theresa M. Moore
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

"Be careful what you wish for. You may get it." In 1878 Robert St. John signs on with the British army to serve in Afghanistan. On the way there he meets two strangers who change his life forever, and rescues a group of hostages in the Khyber Pass. He returns home to a hero's welcome, and recruited by Disraeli to form Her Majesty's Secret Service. But a guest of the Russian Ambassador has plans for him and the secrets he guards, and Robert loses all he loves to defend queen and country. Nine years later, he finds a renewed purpose when an old friend rekindles his love of adventure with a hunt for a killer of women haunting the east end of London.

The Children of The Dragon series of SF/vampire books by Theresa M. Moore is a chronicle of the Xosan, living vampires from the planet Antellus who were once human but were transformed by a dragon's blood. They are stories of science fiction, fact and fantasy, myth and history, romance, tragedy and triumph; linked together by the theme of the vampire as hero.

Plenty of Girls: Online Dating Fantasies Fulfilled

Plenty of Girls: Online Dating Fantasies Fulfilled - Sean Rocco
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

A step by step guide to filling your life with gorgeous girls using nothing but online dating and less than an hour of time per week. All in this highly structured book written with over 5 years of dating experiences deep in the online dating world.

The world of online dating is a harsh one. So what can you do to make yourself stand out and turn the tides so you are the one who chooses? You are a busy professional, you travel or move frequently or maybe you just aren't interested in going out and spending money and time trying to meet girls at bars. Then this book is for you. I will walk you through every single step on how to message, date and get that dream girl back to your place. This book includes:

- Step by step profile creation with even the smallest details covered
- No methods, lines, acronyms or routines to memorize
- How to tell if a girl will have sex with you within seconds
- The only message you will use for every girl and how to respond to theirs
- How to arrange a date in 4 messages or less
- A secret about first impressions that everyone knows, but no one admits
- 3 simple techniques to make the first date not the last
- How to get away with spending less than $10 on the first date
- Secret techniques for getting the girl back to your place for the second date
- What mistakes, misconceptions and disqualifications to avoid
- Tips to prepare your abode for that sexual mood
- Crazy stories detailing my experiences and how you can do the same
- Three bonus chapters including a texting guide, unique conversation topics and optimal logistics of where to sit and how to start touching your girl

Between The Land And The Sea (Marina's Tales)

Between The Land And The Sea (Marina's Tales) - Derrolyn Anderson
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Something extraordinary is lurking in the deep ocean waters off the coast of Aptos, California. In just a few weeks after moving to the small beach town, sixteen year old Marina has nearly drowned twice, enchanted the hottest guy in high school, and discovered a supernatural creature.

If she can only manage to survive her increasingly dangerous encounters with unpredictable mermaids, she might just be able to unlock the mystery of her past to learn how to appease the mysterious forces that seem to want something from her...and maybe even find true love along the way.

Between The Land And The Sea is the first book in the series "Marina's Tales". Her story continues on in book two, The Moon And The Tide.

The Moon And The Tide (Marina's Tales)

The Moon And The Tide (Marina's Tales) - Derrolyn Anderson
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

The Moon And The Tide is book # 2 in the Marina's Tales series.

Just when things seem to be all figured out, Marina discovers that there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than she ever imagined.

When a terrible accident exposes her secret, she discovers that her whole life has been one big lie, and has to cope with more than one kind of betrayal.

A dangerous enemy arrives on the scene, putting her bravery to the test and forcing her to use all of her new-found talents to protect her family. Will good win out over evil? Can love triumph over jealousy?

Never Saw It Coming

Never Saw It Coming - Mike Jordan
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Everyone knows someone like Tim Finnegan. Just a guy, barely scraping by. Someone with too much squandered potential. Someone with not enough of anything, aside from anger and resignation. He works too hard for too little, and would prefer to be left alone. He lives a seemingly joyless existence. It’s much worse for him, because he knows what he had, and exactly how he lost it all. Things get worse, however when a band of miscreants known to the media as the Jackson Five decide to rob a bank as he’s walking out, two weeks worth of not-enough in his back pocket.

They discover trying to rob a man like Tim Finnegan was a mistake. Tim discovers getting shot in the face really ruins the week.

Things get worse for Tim when he awakes two days later, his bullet wound completely healed, and plagued by precognitive visions. Common wisdom dictates that people fear what they don’t understand, and it’s safe to say Tim Finnegan scares the hell out of himself.

Unfortunately for him, he scares the hell out of a lot of other people as well. In short order he finds himself running from the Law, the scumbags that shot him, a group of whack-jobs calling themselves the Disciples of Nero, who want nothing more than to watch the world burn. The Reverend Father Jonathan Blake, however, believes that Tim may be the Second-Coming, or the Anti-Christ.

Then, and only then, does Tim forge his own path. Only one thing is certain: They never saw it coming.

Ain't No Drama Like Bedroom Drama

Ain't No Drama Like Bedroom Drama - Renata D. Johnson
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

This is a thrilling story of six best friends who have a wonderful life standing friendship.

Sabrina Douglas, is fun,fiesty and hilarious at times if Sabrina didn't have 'bad luck' she wouldn't have any luck at all.

Kiree Wilkes is overworked , underpaid and bored with her uneventful life, but when Reed Jamison accidentally stumbles into her life during a trip to 'bike fest' she gets a little excitement of her own.

Jae Anders and Mikola Davison, have always been the two level headed women of the running circle but they soon find they have drama of their own brewing.
Then there's Fred Horton, a powerful attorney in the south he has a real love for the ladies.

The last place anyone wants to have drama is in the bedroom but these friends just can't seem to escape it.They all travel , laugh, cry and as with some friendships share a lot of drama together.

Beloved Destiny

Beloved Destiny - Carol Fears
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Set against the opulent background of the Golden Era of the antebellum South, this novel explores the culture and history of early 19th century Natchez, Mississippi.

The story features three people: the beautiful daughter of a wealthy plantation owner, and the two men who desire to possess her, each in his own way.

The web of intrigue and passion that evolves forms a backdrop of drama as they struggle to attain happiness, until they are met with a disaster so destructive that it threatens to destroy them all.

From the fine mansions in Natchez to the tawdry lawlessness of Natchez-under-the-Hill; the river port where fortunes were made and lost, and where the most perverse vices could be satisfied, the story encompasses them all.

Woven into the drama, the story of the Underground Railroad and its impact on the Southern economy and the lives of the men and women who struggle to escape the bonds of slavery are explored.

The Horror Of The Shade

The Horror Of The Shade - Peter Meredith
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

On a warm summer night, death comes for Gayle Jern. It comes unheralded and like all of us, she is unprepared. Her mind is on her family's recent move to a new home and she is happily filled with the promise of a new beginning. However, promises were made to be broken. In one terrifying night, Gayle must find within her a desperate courage to face the Horror of the Shade alone or flee, leaving her family abandoned to it its horrible desires.

What the readers say about, The Horror of the Shade:
From the first chapter, I was hooked. Creepy!!! Good characters, and a great writing style that makes the book flow from one chapter to the next...

Don't let the title fool you into thinking this is just another ghost story. This book goes much deeper into themes of faith, love, and family. The writing is so descriptive that I felt like I was actually in the house. Which, by the way, is a pretty scary place to be! The imperfections of the characters were balanced by their heroism and goodness, and this is what made them so relatable...

...The characters have depth, and meaning. They are flawed which makes them more believable and infinitely more identifiable. I read this book in two days, blowing off everything else that I had planned for the weekend. If you love a ghost story that goes beyond the paranormal then you will love this tome...

The Haunting At Red Feathers

The Haunting At Red Feathers - Peter Meredith
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

There is nothing more frightening in the world of horror, than a story(a long short story) that is actually true. When Peter takes his new wife Stacy, up to the mountains for a weekend of fishing, hiking and hopefully some intense cuddling, their day starts off great, when they think they find the perfect spot. The seclusion of the little lake seems at first to be a plus, but they soon realize, that there is a reason the area around the black waters and the looming hills is empty. "Don't let the night catch me here!" These are the words that run through their minds as the day folds in on itself with terrifying speed, releasing something blacker than the night .


Revelations - Pamela Kay Noble Brown
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Melanie has finally met the man of her dreams after a lifetime of tragic loss. But a shameful family secret is holding her back from getting too deeply involved. On the brink of nearly losing this glorious chance for happiness, Melanie learns that sometimes it is only after our darkest secrets are revealed, can we finally be free to discover the light of true love.


DrestleWood - Jesse Tabor
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

The Ether Stone has been acting funny in the realm of Drestlewood, where elves keep themselves hidden from most of the world. They know not of the stone's true power, but Kazeraal does, and he sends his minion to procure it. With the Ether Stone the dark god Kaezeraal will be able to enter the world of Istir and level it to its foundations.

However, a group of outcasts is giving the heads up of Kazeraal's plan through a deadly encounter and other spiritual beings. One of these outcasts, Rholin, may have the power to defeat Kazeraal, yet his power must be unlocked correctly to aid the world of Istir, and save the planet from himself. The outcasts that survive will head to Drestlewood while bringing foreign allies. Together they will meet Kazeraal's forces in an epic struggle.

Heart on a Chain

Heart on a Chain - Cindy C Bennett
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

17-year-old Kate has lived her whole life in abject poverty, with an alcoholic father and drug-addicted mother, who severely abuses Kate. At school, her second-hand clothing marks her as a target. Her refusal to stand up for herself makes her the recipient of her classmates taunts and bullying. That is, until Henry returns.

Henry Jamison moved away six years earlier, just as he and Kate had begun to develop feelings for one another. He returns to find the bright, funny, outgoing girl he had known now timidly hiding in corners, barely speaking to anyone around her, suspicious of even him.

Kate can’t figure out what game Henry is playing with her - for surely it is a game. What else would the gorgeous, popular boy from her past want with her?

Kate finally decides to trust Henry’s intentions, opening her heart to him. Just when it seems he might be genuine in his friendship, tragedy strikes, threatening everything Kate has worked so hard to gain. Can Henry help her to overcome this new devastation, or will it tear them apart forever?

The Redemption

The Redemption - Des Birch
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

The story explores the differing realities in which we all live. It tells the story of a group of children and their swimming coach who survived a plane crash in the South Pacific.

Their fight for survival is told from a diary kept by one of the girls, from the coach’s log and from an interview with the single survivor. A twist at the end causes the reader to consider from whose reality he is reading

Principles of Real Estate Practice

Principles of Real Estate Practice - Stephen Mettling
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

Principles of Real Estate Practice is a comprehensive, 400 page textbook covering various real estate topics. Its authors are two of the most prominent writers in the real estate business and have helped hundreds of thousands earn their brokerage licenses. This textbook is utilized by many of the largest US real estate education schools.

Now you can learn more about the real estate world today by reading our textbook!

Alternative Uses for the Washing-up Bowl

Alternative Uses for the Washing-up Bowl - Susie Hayle
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

A suburban tale of flirtation, adultery, divorce and 'gingerly' sweet revenge.

Sophie appears to have it all, but doesn't want it. Rosie is way too tired to enjoy it even if she had it. Yana didn't want it at all, until she met Andy and Mario is more than willing to offer it. And Henry, well he wants to try somewhere else.

So Henry, Sophie's husband, leaves her for the willowy and attractive, but thoroughly dislikeable, Charlotte. The girls rally around Sophie with buckets of support, sympathy and vin rouge. But then a drunken night involving curry and gingerbread voodoo dolls sets in motion a series of rather odd events. Charlotte begins to experience a dreadful run of bad luck. Poor girl. Not that we feel sorry for her of course.

Add into the mix the return of Randy Randall the rubber fetishist. And a rather tragic accident with a copy of Victoria Beckham's autobiography. Some rather dodgy Russian accents and the runaway pets.

All in all - quite the norm in suburbia.

The Walking Men

The Walking Men - Conrad Milton Powell
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

7 Jewish Men on Death Row on the eve of the end of World War II. The Judaic Council of Elders in a Secret Jewish Run Prison near Jena Germany determined they should die for their sins against

The Laws of Moses. But Adolph Hitler's men are marching towards them and so are the Allied Forces. Death, Murder, Execution or Survival? What will be their fate?


Peril - Ruby Barnes
[Kindle Edition]

Product Description

I balance on the precipice of life.

Friends and family have turned their backs on me and walked into the shadowland.

Police and thieves are shouting Jump, Ger. Do it.


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