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What is a DNL Reader?

The DNL Reader is a tiny 1.07 MB in file size and can be installed as a standalone download or seamlessly installed with the DNL eBook in browser download method.

Installation of this small file will allow you to view the Digital Catalogue or Web Books in the .DNL format. Digital Web Books can be produced by using the DeskTop Author software.

DNL files are simply data files. Viewing the Digital Catalogue and Web Books in the DNL format allows for a safe viewing experience, it also reduces the file size of the final document hence even less time is spent downloading your Digital Web Book.

The DNL Reader also allows for Digital Web Books to be viewed inside a browser.

Desktop Author is an electronic publishing software that allows you to create 3d page turning digital web books.

Digital web books are any type of e-publication including e-brochures, e-books, digital photo albums, e-cards, digital diaries, online resumes, quizzes, exams, tests, forms and surveys.

Digital web books can be presented in a stand alone format or you can easily present your digital web books as web pages with no need for HTML, ASP or other programming knowledge. When you present your digital web books as web pages the the end user can detach them and turn them into stand alone digital web books.

DeskTop Author features

- Produce small yet attractive file size publications and display them as stand alone or view them inside a browser.

- Limitless pages with a single paste! Flow text through multiple pages and between text boxes, to make even the lengthiest eBooks in minutes. Perfect for magazine publishing.

- Text box layout tool alows you to set up your page text layout in any way you like.

- Includes a Publish to Web and a built-in FTP upload.

- Make any shape book or pages for that extra impact.

- The All-in-one DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Payment Gateway - preset the amount of free pages the end user is able to view - then set the DNL DRM sollution to launch the eSellerate Payment Gateway to unlock the rest of the eBook, the eBook is unlocked only on the PC the purchase is made. The activation is only valid on the PC the purchase was made on.

- You can now create your own messages for emails sent from within the the send mail feature. This will allow you personalise the message others will read when your digital web book spreads to new users.

- Editable image function in DeskTop Author Version 4 gives you the ability to easily create digital photo albums which users can insert images into.

- Multi Media - embed and or stream Video and Flash, stream MP3.

- Image Pop Up

- The canvas includes Guide lines, exterior working canvas area, and pixel ruler.

- Easy Quiz/Test/Forms and Survey creation with DeskTop Author's own amazing Eazy Forms tool.

- Hundreds of pre-made templates - includes 500+ individual pages, 100 + buttons and dividers and pre-made shaped books.

- Internal Image Editor and Image Manipulator.

- Cut and paste and Drag and Drop features, including an Image Browser.

- WYSIWYG page creation and editing.

- Background setting feature.

- Hotlink to pages, web sites, movies and sound, as well as email and even other files.

- Set auto page turn for trade show or in-store presentations, allows for individual page turn settings and individual page turn timing.

- Specify one of 6 page transitions - three 3D page turn modes, turn, wipe and slide.

- Digital Web Book file sizes are small, easily distributed by email, download or on floppy/CD.

- Share your digital web books with friends, family, colleagues or customers with an internal Send to Friend function or sell the eBooks you create.

- Allow users to print pages or disable the print function.

- Password protect your Digital Web Books.

- Suitable for all Windows-based PC's.

and much more..........

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DNAML’s DNL eBook Security, Distribution, Reporting and Marketing Tools

  • DNL eBooks employ the DNL DRM eBooks security system which has been deployed in the market for 6 years without a single instance of a breech.
  • DNL eBooks can be deployed pre configured with the DNL DRM and Internal Payment Gateway combination which allows authors and publishers to create secure eBooks which end users are able to purchase from with the eBook.
  • The DNL DRM and Payment Gateway combination make the DNL eBooks the world first and only "try before you buy" all in one eBook system with "floating shopping carts".
  • The DNL eBooks employing the DNL DRM Payment Gateway can be shared between friends, colleagues, communities and family whilst keeping the security aspect intact if the DNL eBook leaves the PC or laptop the eBook was initially activated on.
  • The combination of the try before you buy system, the in-ebook shopping cart and the ability to share the eBook whilst retaining the DRM intact makes the DNL eBook the ultimate viral marketing tool which has already a long tail sales history.
  • The publisher and distributor is able to view sales made through the DNL DRM Payment Gateway in real time.
  • The publisher is also able to capture the data from each individual user allowing for further promotions of other DNL eBook titles to expand sales.
  • The DNL DRM system is also able to employ as Activation Key solution that allows the end user to simply insert the activation key to open the eBook.
  • The DNL DRM Activation Key solution allows the DNL eBook to be sold through any retail and online channel.
  • Although the DNL DRM eBook is pre configured for simplicity sake, the publisher is able to choose activation settings such as the number of individual machine unlocks per purchase or per activation key issued.
  • The publisher is able to restrict printing of the eBook on a global or page by page basis.
  • DNL eBooks can be locked by a time mechanism.
  • The publisher chooses the amount of free pages the end user can have free of charge. The publisher may also choose to allow zero number of pages to be shown.
  • Prices for DNL eBooks employing the DNL DRM Payment Gateway solution are able to be changed in Real Time price.
  • DNL DRM Payment Gateway Solution is at present able to take payments in 4 currencies, GBP, EURO, USD and AUD, however a total of 41 currencies are available and will be deployed if the market demand arises.
  • Publishers are able to employ discount coupons to assist in enhancing sales.
  • DNL eBooks employing the DNL DRM system are able to restrict sales to specific territories.
  • DNL DRM Reporting system is able to report and deploy funds to right owners in specific territories all from one location.
  • DNL eBooks employ a reseller, distributor and affiliate tracking system which can report sales of eBooks to channel partners in real time, deploy payments to channel partners at the publishers distraction.
  • In April 2009, DNAML will be launching eBook.com. Publishers will be invited to utilize the already popular domain name as a sales channel partner. eBook.com will sell only eBooks in the DNL format.

Multiple Platform – Multiple Device Format

DNL eBooks cater for the largest and un-catered for market which is the PC, laptop and UMPC devices.
DNL eBook format is already available on Windows based machines, in April 2009 DNL eBook format will be available on the Apple MAC operating system.


  • DNAML recognized early on that the publisher must have flexibility in development. As such DNAML has built production tools which allow for in-house production as well as outsourcing the production to 3rd party companies.
  • The authoring tool produced by DNAML has an easy to learn interface and functionality, it is a standalone software as such can be deployed thought established in-house and external PC’s.
  • DNAML has developed an automated ePub import function allowing for DNL eBooks to be produced with little effort. At the same time as allowing for speed of production DNAML has also evolved the Authoring tool to allow for enhanced look and feel production on the DNL eBook end product.
  • The authoring tool allows for drag and drop style insertion of Multi Media such as Movies, Audio and Animation, yes that means no scripting and no programming is needed to create amazing multi-media eBooks.
  • Speed of production is further assisted through the ability of the authoring tool to handle large amount of text insertion and spreading it through pages automatically through the inbuilt multipage and multi-text flow object.
  • The authoring tool comes bundled with the ability to track internal links as the content reflows, auto page numbering and a set of other automated features that allows for speed in development and or conversion.
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To view the DNL files install the small file for the DNL Reader, please click HERE

DNL Reader

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