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The DNL Format

  • The DNL eBook format was developed to satisfy the end users experience on the PC/MAC – Laptop, UMPC and PC.
  • The DNL eBook is powered by the DNL Reader.
  • DNL eBooks can be downloaded as standalone documents or as part of the internet browser.
  • The DNL Reader is a tiny 1.07 MB in file size and can be installed as a standalone download or seamlessly installed with the DNL eBook in browser download method.
  • DNL eBooks are small in file size due to the fact that the DNL format has been built from first principles. This allowed the DNAML engineering team to structure an efficient code, eliminate unnecessary code and create a format which delivers optimum results in terms of performance and file size efficiency

DNAML has been developing DNL format and the associated end to end eBook system for over 10 years. At all time the format was structured to satisfy the end user and the publisher whilst taking into account how the advantages current and future technology can enhance the experience.

The End User DNL Experience

  • Replicates the look and feel of a real world publication so that the end eBook is easy to use and presents no learning curve challenges for the end user.
  • Allows the end user to enjoy the eBook without the need to zoom or scroll on the content.
  • The DNL eBook has a variety of page transitions to suit the individual taste, one of the transitions employs a page turn with a 3d effect adding to the familiar form factor.
  • DNL eBooks have a variety of pre-configured navigation and function buttons which allow the end user to navigate and interact with the eBook.
  • DNL eBooks can seamlessly integrate Multi Media such as Movies, Audio and Animation.
  • Within the DNL format the end user may be presented with information gathering tasks such as subscriptions, surveys and questions. The feedback can also be sent to remote servers for evaluation.
  • End users are able to search within the eBook through the DNL auto indexing search facility which can also includes a publisher/author pre assigned index.
  • The end user inserted images can be optimized and re-sized through an built in image editor.
  • Pre assigned & text and image fields are able to be updated in real time.
  • Infinite internal movement tracking to allows the end user to return to previous pages viewed at any time.
  • At the publishers and authors discretion the end user is able to print the DNL eBook as a whole or on a page by page basis.
  • DNL eBooks  are pure data files, hence cannot be subjected to virusees.

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DNL Reader

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Peterson's Winery - Large file, contains MultiMedia Petersons Winery 3d digital catalogue

Multi Media - Large file contains MultiMedia Multimedia 3d Digital Multimedia Book

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