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We have been creating 3d Page Turning Digital eBooks, catalogues, brochures, photo albums, corporate profiles, annual company reports, shareware eBooks, multimedia presentations, since 1999 and so much more.....

We could be described as a small digital publisher but we pride ourselves in being able to offer a service like no other, giving exclusive and personal service to all our clients.

If you are seeking the production of any electronic eBook or other publication then please do not hesitate to contact us. We have the right editorial, design and marketing expertise to help get you published and promoted professionally.

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A 3d Digital Catalogue, designed by DigyCat, is a digital publishing medium in which images, text, internal links, links to email and hyperlinks may be placed within an executable file that can be distributed by email or downloadable from a website.

Who Will Be Using 3d Digital Media? Most popular uses for the 3d Page Turning Digital media are, eBooks, digital brochures, catalogs, newsletters, manuals, product guides, corporate profiles and annual reports, as well as direct and viral marketing campaigns.

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For a cost effective way of producing and publishing your completed work let us create your eBook or other digital media for you.

We will create the eBook, do your artwork and assist you to upload it to enable sales.

We can Create, Protect and help Sell your Catalogue, ePublication, eBook or eMagazine with the all in one DNL DRM and Payment Gateway feature.

It is the worlds first DRM - Payment gateway combination included within a reader and packagable from a commercially available software.

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We can also produce eBooks in the following formats: ePub, PDF, RTF, MOBI, TXT or HTML

What clients think of our services:

"DigyCat has offered us exceptional service - they went well beyond what was expected, and though we gave them revision after revision, we never once heard a complaint. In the end, we have a beautifully designed ebook and are very grateful."


"I have found DigyCat to be an excelent eBook publisher. DigyCat works extremely well with the client and met my expectations and produced an eBook of exceptional quality. I will be using them in the future, and would recomend them highly to anyone seeking ePublication."



The Pan Man

Author: Loretta Wheeler

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The Pan Man - Loretta Wheeler The Pan Man

The Rising - L Reveaux The Rising

Disease Proof Your Child - - Dr Fuhrman Dr Fuhram

Michael Jackson 1958 ~ 2009 Large file, contains MultiMediaMichael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Susan Boyle - A Singing Sensation - Large file, contains MultiMediaSusan Boyle

Missing the Land of Oz - Large file, contains MultiMedia Missing the Land of Oz

Peterson's Winery - Large file, contains MultiMedia Petersons Winery 3d digital catalogue

Matthais Pabst - Photographer This is a large file Matthais Pabst - Photographer 3d digital catalogue

Finger Lick'n FoodFinger Lick'n Food 3d digital catalogue

Multi Media - Large file contains MultiMedia Multimedia 3d Digital Multimedia Book

Deals DirectDeals Direct 3d digital catalogue

Richard Torbay MP Richard Torbay 3d Corporate Profile and Policy

Armidale Golf Course - Large file contains MultiMediaArmidale Golf Course 3d Digiy=tal Presentation

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